El Guayabo Waterfall

The beautiful twin waterfalls at El Guayabo crash through the forests near Pinares de Mayarí. This is an excellent place to spend an hour or two exploring the outdoors in eastern Cuba.

0 - El Guayabo Waterfall, Cuba
1 - El Guayabo Waterfall, Cuba
2 - El Guayabo Waterfall, Cuba
3 - El Guayabo Waterfall, Cuba
4 - El Guayabo Waterfall, Cuba
5 - El Guayabo Waterfall, Cuba
6 - El Guayabo Waterfall, Cuba
7 - El Guayabo Waterfall, Cuba
8 - El Guayabo Waterfall, Cuba

At 390 feet (120 m) and 460 feet (140 m) tall, these waterfalls are some of the highest in Cuba. They are located about 10 miles (17 km) north of Pinares de Mayarí, and are undoubtedly the best attraction around. The falls are always flowing, although the amount of water varies by season.

Trails lined with flowers, coffee plants, and pineapples wind through the reserve and lead to the waterfalls. Knowledgeable, English-speaking guides accompany visitors along the trails. The guides provide ample information about the habitat and history of this area. For example, you’ll learn why the dirt here is red (hint: it’s all about iron) and why certain orchids have feminine names.

One trail leads to the base of the larger falls, while another leads to the top of the smaller falls. At the top of the smaller waterfall, there’s a pool – safely corralled off with wooden partitions – where you can swim and watch water fly over the edge of the falls. Viewing platforms offer sweeping views of the waterfalls, canyon, and even the Atlantic coast.

There’s a restaurant here surrounded by flowers and ferns. The restaurant will occasionally roast pigs for group tours.