La Comandancia de la Plata

Fidel’s rebel hideout in the Sierra Maestra offers travelers an interesting look into the Revolutionary effort in Cuba. La Comandancia de la Plata is set in eastern Cuba near the small community of Santo Domingo.

La Comandancia de la Plata is located within the Pico Turquino National Park. This mountainous, remote setting was the perfect place for Fidel to plot the Revolution and plan the fight against Batista. The camp was established in 1958 and was never found by Batista’s soldiers. Radio announcements on the so-called Radio Rebelde were made daily from La Comandancia.

Today, the hideout is in good condition. It includes 16 wooden buildings scattered across a ridgeline. You can visit Fidel’s house, which has hidden escape routes and is the largest building at La Comandancia. The house still has his bed, table, and even refrigerator inside. Plan to stop by the small, simple hut that Che Guevara used as a clinic. Finally, there’s also a small museum with memorabilia, including guns and a model of La Comandancia. The museum, however, isn’t always open.

The hike to La Comandancia de la Plata is about 2.5 miles (4 km) long. The trail is rocky and muddy in some places, but it passes through a beautiful section of the forest. Prior to arriving at the guerilla hideout, you’ll visit a home that was once owned by a campesino who helped supply Fidel’s army and keep their secret. Pause here to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and take a drink of water. Guides are required to hike to La Comandancia de la Plata.

Eastern Cuba, Cuba, Central America

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