Playa Neighborhood

Playa is the northernmost municipality in Havana. “Playa” means beach in Spanish, and along the waterfront you can still find designated swimming areas. These are called balnearios, and they are located on the seaside Primera Avenida (First Avenue).

Playa Neighborhood Best Things to Do

On the trail of Hemingway in Cuba, Cuba
On the trail of Hemingway in CubaHavana

Ernest Hemingway lived in Cuba during the 1950s, and this country’s scenery and culture served as his muse. On this tour you’ll get to see Hemingway's home, areas that inspired his writing, and a few of his favorite bars.

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Guided Tours
Afrocuban Heritage and Regla Museum Tour, Cuba
Afrocuban Heritage and Regla Museum TourHavana

On a tour of the Regla Museum you’ll see religious art housed inside the Church of Nuestra Señora de la Merced . You’ll have a specialized guide who can explain the cultural context of this art, which has significance for both Catholicism and Santería.

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0 - Playa Neighborhood, Cuba
1 - Playa Neighborhood, Cuba
2 - Playa Neighborhood, Cuba
3 - Playa Neighborhood, Cuba
4 - Playa Neighborhood, Cuba
5 - Playa Neighborhood, Cuba
6 - Playa Neighborhood, Cuba
7 - Playa Neighborhood, Cuba

Area Guide

This area also covers Quinta Avenida, which is known for its embassies. Near the western end of the Playa you can see the Hemingway Marina, where Ernest Hemingway used to keep his fishing boat.

On the eastern border of Playa you can visit the Metropolitan Park and Almendares Park, both of which border the Almendares River. These parks are shady and green, and offer boat rentals if you’d like to paddle down the river. At the Almendares Park you can see a performance at the amphitheater, and play mini golf. If you have children with you make sure to look for the dinosaur statues and stop by the playground.