What Is The Weather Like in Cuba?

Cuba has a warm, tropical climate. Temperature does not vary too much in Cuba. The coldest temperatures in Cuba are in the mountains of the Sierra Maestra in eastern Cuba and the Sierra de los Órganos in western Cuba.

Except for a few short windows during the year, Cuba typically has sunny, pleasant weather. May to October is the rainy season. During the rainy season the rain usually comes in short, steamy bursts, usually earlier in the day.

The average temperature in Cuba is 77.4°F (25.2°C). During July, the hottest part of the year, the average temperature is 81°F (27.2°C). In January it gets as low as 71.6°F (22°C). Throughout the mountains, temperatures can get as low as 40°F to 50°F (5°C – 10°C).