What Should I Bring To Cuba?

Assume that you will buy nothing in Cuba. Bring your camera, medicine, and anything you truly need. Pack light, and bring lightweight clothing plus a sweater for cooler evenings, and leave anything overly fancy – ostentatious jewelry or gadgets – behind. You will likely be walking all over Havana and Santiago de Cuba, so be sure to pack comfortable walking shoes and a pair of cheap sunglasses that you would not be heartbroken to lose.

Mosquito repellent is a must, especially near the beginning or end of Cuba’s wet season. Cuban cities can be loud, so light sleepers may want to pack ear plugs. And of course, for those spending time at the beach, bring sunscreen!

In packing for Cuba, you may want to include a few items to donate to the Cuban people, such as medical supplies. When staying at casas particulares, it’s always kind to leave a gift for your host or the chambermaid.

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