Can I Bring My Pet to Cuba?

Technically you can bring your pet to Cuba, although it is not the safest place for pets. Stray dogs in Cuba carry a lot of diseases that would be easy for your dog to contract. In general Cuba does not have a reputation as a pet-friendly place.

Traveling with a pet into Cuba is allowed for people coming from the United States or Canada, as long as you carry documentation of an endorsement from the USDA or CFIA. To acquire the endorsement document, you’ll need to visit your veterinarian for a proof of rabies vaccination paper, along with a separate Veterinary Certificate form. Bring your rabies vaccination paper with you to Cuba along with your other paperwork.

Your pet must of course be in evident good health (i.e. without symptoms of communicable disease). Though Cuba does not require it, it is always recommended to microchip your pet before traveling.

For complete information on forms and requirements, visit Pet Travel, the worldwide travel resource for pets.

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