Cuba Destinos con Islas

Las islas de Cuba poseen algunas de las playas más impresionantes y exclusivas del país, al igual que algunos de los resorts más lujosos. Estas islas funcionana como una sede principal para explorar los arrecifes coralinos de Cuba, incluyendo el extraño arrecife coralino negro que se puede encontrar justo en frente de la costa de Cayo Levisa. Cayo COco es una de las islas más populares del país, y por una buena razón — la playa posee una arena suave y blanca, y bordea una sección impresionante del Océano Atlántico.

Cuba Islands - Cayo Levisa Cuba
Cuba Islands - Cayo Levisa

Western Cuba

Add a white-sand beach, a healthy black coral reef, and the vibrant green of mangroves and palm trees, and you have a picture-perfect beach vacation just a few hours from the capital city.

Day trips are the most popular way to visit Cayo Levisa, but take the time to stay and you'll feel like you have the whole island to yourself once the crowds disperse. Grab a mojito and watch as the sun dips into the calm waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Cuba Islands - Cayo Santa María (Cayos de Villas Clara) Cuba
Cuba Islands - Cayo Santa María (Cayos de Villas Clara)

Central Cuba

The tiny ocean road passes through mangrove forests and a number of small islands before reaching the star of the show, Cayo Santa Maria. The majority of hotels here sit on the north coast, fringed by palm trees and facing out to the beautifully blue Caribbean.

All-inclusive is the name of the game on Cayo Santa Maria. So, once you've picked your stretch of private beach, you can simply sit back, relax, and take advantage of your days in paradise. You can do as little as turn over on your sunlounger, or take an adventure offshore to try your hand at fishing or diving on the island's reef.