Baracoa Hotels

Hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals homes - your guide to accommodations while traveling in Baracoa.
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La Moderna is a hostel for those who wish for a familiar and comfortable atmosphere.
Experience a colonial residence at La Colina. You will still be comfortable and have easy access to the center of the city.
Hostel Casa Grande is luxurious and lacks nothing for a comfortable and relaxing stay in Baracoa. Everything from a great view to a massage can be found here.
Horizonte is a hostel with a ton of character. The hosts provide excellent care and the building lets guests explore the city with ease.
Casa Yamicel is a spacious hostel with many rooms and an amazing balcony from which you can see the entire city of Baracoa.
Casa Tony’s bright green kitchen and large balcony overlooking the ocean make it a one of a kind stay in Baracoa.
Casa Mary is a beautiful hotel on the inside, an unmissable color on the outside and has extraordinary views from the top. All around it is a wonderful place to stay.
Casa Mandarina’s bright hostel is the ideal place to explore Baracoa. Experience this very old town while staying in a modern and lavish mansion.
Casa Kira’s warm Cuban décor and convenient location make staying here an unforgettable family experience. You will instantly feel happy and at home.