Casa Kira’s warm Cuban décor and convenient location make staying here an unforgettable family experience. You will instantly feel happy and at home.

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2:00 p.m. check in
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Free Breakfast

Baracoa is one of the most isolated places in Cuba. Because of its lack of connection to the more European influenced areas, much of the local cultural has remained. The is most obvious in the brightly colored buildings and houses that line the streets. Casa Kira also to reflect this tradition.

The house has a bright, eggshell blue exterior and the inside is alive with sky blues, sunny yellows and rustic greens. Casa Kira rents out five bedrooms on the first floor each with their own private bathroom. The bedrooms are large and spacious and the yellow walls will instantly put a smile on your face. The hallway that leads to the kitchen is decorated with a huge blue fan with painted sunflowers. The kitchen has a refrigerator and mini-bar for guests to whip up a snack or drink. Your hosts will prepare breakfast for you on the house.

The house also has a garden and an interior courtyard with a porch swing. These areas are perfect for relaxing with a book or chatting with other guests. Located in the center of the city, you will be able to access all the fascinating cultural sites this unique town has to offer.

More Property Amenities
Laundry Service
Air Conditioning
Hot Water
Mini Bar
Mini Refrigerator
Sleeps 2
Air ConditioningHot WaterMini BarMini Refrigerator
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