Is The Government Stable in Cuba?

The Cuban government is currently stable. Cuba has a communist government that has been in place since 1959, when Fidel Castro overthrew Fulgencio Battista. The Cuban government is extremely secretive, and there is little to no transparency about what goes on behind the scenes. Fidel Castro’s brother, Raúl Castro, has been president since 2008. His policies have proved more lax than his brother’s, and the private sector has grown quite a bit under his rule.

All forms of dissent are not permited, and it is unlikely there will be any changes to the government over the next few years.

Raúl Castro plans to step down in 2018. Miguel Diaz-Canel is Raúl's vice president, but it is not yet certain who will be the next president of Cuba. We can only speculate as to whether that transition will take place peacefully, or if the government will experience some sort of upheaval.

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