Gibara Hotels

Hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals homes - your guide to accommodations while traveling in Gibara.
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For a familiar and friendly atmosphere look no farther than Hostel Terraza de Ileana where the hospitality is only matched by its gorgeous views of the sea.
Hostel La Barca is a beach front property where you can enjoy both the city and the sea with privacy.
Inside Hostel Doble Roble, you will feel like Cuban royalty. The house is truly a traditional aristocrat abode but the hosts are grounded and friendly.
Hostel Betina is a beautiful and large hostel. The sun streams in through the windows and open terraces for a bright, tropical accommodation.
Casa el Vitral is a luxurious house with access to many of the best parts of Gibara. The room for rent is spacious and comfortable.
Casa Da Silva is one of the oldest hostels in Gibara. The hosts know how to care for their guests and give them the best Cuban vacation possible.
Casa Bayview is set slightly away from the rest of Gibara but the access to the ocean, beautiful decorated rooms and unique gardens make it worth the extra time.