Cuba Highlands

High in Cuba’s mountains you can hike to some of the most impressive vistas in the country. In the east, you can climb the mountains of the Sierra Maestra. From the town of Santo Domingo, you can summit Pico Turquino — the tallest mountain in Cuba. The Sierra de los Órganos mountain range dominates the landscape to the west. At the foot of these mountains is Viñales — a place where you can see rocky formations left behind by an ancient, eroded plateau.

Cuba Highlands - Sierra Maestra (Santo Domingo) Cuba
Cuba Highlands - Sierra Maestra (Santo Domingo)

Eastern Cuba

Don't let the 8-mile distance fool you, this is a tough hike and you'll need a guide to do it. While you can reach the top in one day, your itinerary will include an overnight stay within a rural community before tackling the descent. This is one of Cuba's greatest adventures!

If you don't need the accolades of reaching the summit, there are plenty of more chilled out hikes in the Sierra Maestra. Take on the forest trails in search of rare orchids, tiny 'bee' hummingbirds, and refreshing creeks to bathe in. It's also possible to travel on horseback.