Anywhere offers the best transportation options for you to explore the islands of Indonesia. We'll get you to and from the airport. Deliver you to all of your tours. Take you home to your accommodations after a long, active day, and more. Our friendly drivers pride themselves on being prompt and helpful. Many are happy to teach you about the region as you go — drawing your attention to interesting sights, shops, and restaurants you may want to visit during your journey. Start your vacation secure in the knowledge that you'll always get to where you're going, reliably and with ease. Book your Indonesia transportation with Anywhere, now!


Explore the Indonesian Archipelago with ease when you book flights that will take you from one coast or island to the next.

Get more out of your vacation when you spend less time traveling by hopping flights from coast to coast or island to island. When combined with Anywhere's ground transportation, navigating your travel itinerary can be a seamless hop from A to B.

Shuttle Transportation

Exploring Indonesia is easy when you rely on Anywhere's comfortable and reliable shuttles to get you around.

This greener travel option allows you to fit your entire party in one or two vehicles. Traveling solo or with your best friend? You'll have the chance to meet fellow travelers through ride-sharing. Swap tips about can't miss sights and restaurants! Your friendly and experienced driver will be happy to answer your questions, teach you about the local culture en route, and more. Make the journey part of your adventure when you choose shuttle transportation for your vacation in Indonesia.

Private Transportation

Private transportation is a great option for both large parties and indulgent getaways.

There's a lot to see in Indonesia, and you'll have a great time navigating the country when you do it at your leisure. Choosing private transportation for your vacation in Indonesia means you'll spend more time seeing the sights, because you don't have to wait for other passengers to board and get dropped off. Have questions about the local culture and can't miss sights? Your friendly and professional driver will be able to give you their full attention. Travel quickly and in comfort when you explore Indonesia with private transportation.