Part of the chain of Lesser Sunda Islands, Lombok is Bali’s nextdoor neighbor. They are separated by the Lombok Straits, religion, and the passage of time. In many ways, Lombok is the Bali of old — largely untouched, beautiful, ringed with gorgeous beaches and dive spots.

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Gili Islands

Three sun-kissed islands form a popular vacation destination off Lombok’s northwest coast. The Gili Islands represent three versions of tropical island paradise. Characterized by white sand beaches and warm turquoise seas, each island — Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air — has its own personality. The islands are easily reached by boat from Lombok or Bali and are well-known for diving, surfing, partying, and serenity. The Gilis are located in North Lombok Regency, approximately 2.5 hours via transfer from Lombok International Airport.

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Travel Guide to Lombok - Tanjung, Indonesia

Tanjung is a beach town on the north west coast of the island of Lombok in Indonesia. Tanjung is traversed by a single two lane road that follows the west coast of the island from south of Ampenan and continues northward to circumnavigate Mount Rinjani in the north of Lombok and then traverses the greater part of the east coast toward the south.

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The capital city of Lombok and West Nusa Tenggara province is a collection of several villages that have all grown together. Mataram has a largely Sasak Muslim population but still has relics of an ancient Hindu culture. Located on the central west coast of Lombok, about an hour east of Lombok International Airport, Mataram serves as a central hub — there’s a bus station and the port is south of town. It’s also a place to find services and goods in a quasi-metropolitan setting that is non-existent in the rest of Lombok.

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A little more about Lombok

The Gili Islands surround Lombok, and they are one deserted island paradise fantasy after another. Trawangan, Air, and Meno are the most well known of the Gili Islands — they’re lively, and home to great diving and classic island life. The southwestern Gilis are 13 small islands to explore for their quiet and beauty. The northeast Gilis are off the beaten track, and although small, are abundant with nature both above and below the waves.

To the south, white sand beaches with impossibly turquoise waters and excellent, world-class surf breaks line the coast in a neat row of pocket bays. It’s possible to visit several beaches and have them all to yourself. To the west is the capital city Mataram, seat of government and the most developed area in Lombok. Senggigi, the closest beach, is the tourist base for exploring the island's wild inland.

In the middle of Lombok you can visit Mount Rinjani — which has the tallest peak, an active volcano, and a spiritual center for the island's Hindu and Wektu Telu religious minorities. Trek the mountain and its surroundings to see lush jungle forest, never-ending green rice paddies, and plantations of fruits, vegetables, and spices. Surrounding villages specialize in ancient handicrafts such as weaving, wicker, pottery, and bamboo crafts. Cool clean water flows from crater lake Segara Anak into spectacular waterfalls.

North Lombok is hilly, with spectacular scenery and vistas in all directions, more waterfalls, and lovely but underrated beaches along the shore. Lombok is the hidden gem of Indonesia — in a way, the mirror twin of Bali — and the time to discover it is now because the secret is getting out.

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