Can I have my wedding in Panama?

Yes, Panama is a great place to get married. Its beautiful mountains and beaches offer a stunning backdrop for a wedding.

The required documents to get married in Panama include the following:

  1. An application for a marriage license from a court where one lives.

  2. A health certificate for both people from a licensed medical doctor prepared within the 15 days prior to the wedding.

The certificate must include a general medical exam, urinalysis, HIV/AIDS test, VDRL (Venereal Disease Research Laboratory) test, and a complete blood count test.

  1. Birth certificates from the country of origin.

  2. Birth certificates of existing children for either party.

  3. If the parties have not been previously married, a certificate of single statues must be presented.

The certificate should be issued from the country where you have resided for the last two years. This requirement can, however, generally be satisfied by signing a sworn statement of your single status in front of a Panamanian notary.

  1. Two witnesses of legal age not related to either party.

  2. A Panamanian ID card or a passport with a corresponding visa.

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