Holguín Hotels

Hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals homes - your guide to accommodations while traveling in Holguín.
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Villa Lis is a small but cozy hostel with great service and even better location
Villa Lajas and its host, Francisco, offer a beautiful hostel with professional and friendly service. The hostel is in the center of the city making it a great place to start your explorations.
Villa Flori catches you off guard with its bright paintings and friendly service. The house is safe and comfortable with an incredible host.
Holguín is a unique experience and staying in Villa Daya and Julio combines professional service with a sense of quirkiness.
Las Lourdes is a comfortable one-bedroom hostel where your hosts will do anything in their power to make your stay amazing.
Hostel Ideal is large but it lives up to its name in providing anything a large family or group of friends might need on their vacation.
Casa El Ciruelo is a fantastic place to spend time in Holguín. The unique atmosphere and convenient bar and restaurant are sure to make your trip memorable and comfortable.
Casa Walkiria sits near the historical sites and city parks. This location allows guests to get the most of Holguín and its amenities are comfortable.
Casa Ulises is a basic hostel but still provided guests with an unforgettable Cuban vacation with the added bonus of some truly delicious Cuban meals
Casa Tamara is a friendly and accommodating hostel where you will meet many people and see the most interesting aspects of Holguín.
Casa Aguilera’s air conditioned apartment offers traveler’s an escape from the sunny streets of Holguín after they have taken in the historical sights.