Can I Take Public Buses?

There are a few different options for bus travel within Bali. Bali’s transportation system is not what you would find in a large Western city. Instead, there’s a network of buses traveling routes between popular tourist destinations. In general, expect bus travel to be time-consuming and inconvenient. It’s more effective to hire a local taxi (either a van or scooter) to reach your destination.

A Bemo (or angkot) is a 12-person minibus that runs a variety of routes between popular destinations. This is the traditional tourist or backpacker bus, but with the widespread availability of taxis and scooters, it is rare to see anyone but locals using them. Bemo transportation can be acquired at the airport and taken to the main Bemo terminal in Denpasar (Tegal Terminal). They have regular routes which are complicated and have numerous stops. A long-distance journey will likely include at least one transfer. Be sure to ask your driver if the bemo stops at your destination, and negotiate your fare.

Tourist bus services are another option for travel between popular destinations. These include the Kura-Kura Bus, Perama buses, and the Trans-Sarbagita bus. Check the operator’s websites for prices and itineraries.

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