Should I Rent a Car?

If you are not a skilled and patient driver, it’s a good idea to hire a driver and let the locals handle your transportation needs, rather than renting a car. It is safer and better than renting a car. Often your driver will know the best ways to go, good places to eat, and hidden or little-known locations to visit.

Driving in Bali is very different than in Western countries. Traffic is chaotic, but with its own unique flow. Scooters, minivans, and large trucks and busses vie for space on either wide byways or narrow streets. Traffic jams are not uncommon. Anyone can and does enter roadways at any time, without looking, and from random directions. One-way streets seem to be a suggestion more than a requirement.

Most tourists will rent a scooter rather than a car. If you are not experienced riding a scooter or motorcycle, it is not recommended to learn in Indonesia.

You’ll need an International Driver’s License to drive legally in Indonesia. Be aware that as a non-citizen, any accident will automatically be assumed to be your fault. If you choose to drive, exercise caution, wear a helmet if on a scooter, drive slowly, and always drive completely sober.

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