If I Need Medicine Can I Easily Get It?

Yes, in most cases. There are pharmacies called apoteks around Bali that have most medications available for purchase without prescriptions. The drugs are generally inexpensive.

Reputable pharmacies have a General Practitioner (Doctor) on site to help you get the medications you need. If you have to see a doctor in a hospital, the hospital will have a pharmacy to dispense recommended prescriptions.

Consult with your doctor before traveling and verify that any needed medications are available in Bali. It is best to bring an ample supply of necessary medications with you. Always bring the medications in the original packaging and with a letter from your doctor.

Be aware that many pain medications and muscle relaxers are classified as illegal narcotics in Indonesia, and may require additional paperwork and procedures; or not be allowed at all. Check with the Indonesian embassy prior to traveling to make the proper arrangements.

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