What Should I Bring To Bali?

What you should bring to Bali depends on what you plan to do while visiting. Fortunately, Bali is not a deserted island, and almost anything you need is available for purchase locally. Due to the tropical climate, many layers of clothes are not required. It is best to pack light, bring only essentials, then pick up any required items while you are there.

Bring light cotton clothing (or technical garments that are light and wick moisture), sturdy shoes for hiking or trekking, and warm weather apparel. Shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops can be purchased cheaply everywhere.

Bring your own toiletries and sunscreen, as many local brands are expensive or contain whitening ingredients. A small first aid kit is helpful. Bring your electronics but be sure to take care of them in the humid environment. Also have copies of all your travel documents, identification, and bank cards.

Leave room in your bag for shopping for unique Bali handicrafts and souvenirs. Laundry service is readily available and inexpensive.

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