Can I Take Public Buses in Myanmar?

Public buses are a common form of transportation in Myanmar. In city centers, you can find affordable buses to take you to the main points of interest. Signs are typically not in English, so understanding the routes can be difficult. They can also be quite crowded.

Many cities in Myanmar have yet to create a public bus system, although there are alternatives like motorbikes and trishaws. In Yangon and Mandalay, however, there is regular bus service. The price for these buses aren’t always fixed for foreigners, and you may have to haggle a bit to get a fair price. Most rides cost between k500 and k1000.

You can find convenient buses for travel between cities, as long as they are in tourist-sanctioned areas. These buses typically leave very early in the morning, although you can also find overnight buses for long trips. Book ahead to ensure your spot — popular routes can fill up quickly. VIP buses or Express buses are the nicest buses in Myanmar.

Long-distance busses are modern, air-conditioned vehicles. Longer bus trips include stops for refreshments and public bathrooms. TVs playing Myanmar soap operas or music videos offer a little onboard entertainment.

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