U Bein Bridge

An impressive structure over the Taungthaman Lake, U Bein Bridge has become an iconic destination for visitors to Mandalay region. Just a short drive from the city in the Amarapura area, the bridge was built in 1850 and is about three-quarters of a mile long. It is believed to be the oldest and longest bridge of its kind in the world.

The pedestrian bridge is as wide as a single car lane and is heavily trafficked by the local population to get from one side of the lake to the other. As it has become a popular destination, especially at sunsets, dozens of souvenir shops and restaurants have popped up on the shores near the bridge entrance.

From the bridge, you can watch as local fishermen cast their nets into Taungthaman Lake. Duck farmers herd hundreds of ducks around the lake near the bridge, which is quite a spectacle.

Another way to experience the bridge, especially during the crowded times around sunset, is to be paddled around the lake in a boat. Not only does this avoid the crowds, but it also offers a great perspective as the bridge and orange sky reflect off the glassy lake surface.

Central River Valley, Myanmar,

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