Panama Transportation Guide & Booking Service

Panama Transportation Guide & Booking Service

Panama’s small size and good infrastructure make it easy to move between destinations. There is a variety of ways to get from place to place, including domestic flights, private transfers, shuttles, rental cars, public buses, and ferries. When thinking about your transportation options, it’s important to consider your travel route, length of stay, and budget. You may choose only one type of transportation or include a combination of travel. The following guide covers transportation in Panama—reading through the options will help you better understand what is involved with each type of travel. As always, the choice is yours.

Panama Domestic Flights & Booking Service

Domestic flights are a convenient option for travelers who are pressed for time or who want to experience different parts of the country.

Panama is scattered with small commercial airstrips and the flights are short — the longest is just over an hour.

Panama Shuttle Service & Booking Service

Shuttles are a shared transportation service between popular destinations in Panama.

The air-conditioned shuttles run daily and typically offer door-to-door service. The whole process is seamless and easy.

Panama Car Rentals & Booking

Rental cars are a good option for adventurous travelers who want the freedom and flexibility to determine the course of their trip.

Panama has a solid infrastructure that includes high-quality roads and highways—for this reason, renting a car is a practical option for many travelers. From rugged SUVs to fuel-efficient compacts, there are many cars to choose from.

Panama Private Ground Transportation Service

Private transportation offers travelers a comfortable and convenient way to travel in Panama.

The safe, speedy shuttles can take you anywhere and are flexible enough to accommodate shifts in your schedule.