Panama Shuttle Service & Booking Service

Shuttles are a shared transportation service between popular destinations in Panama. The air-conditioned shuttles run daily and typically offer door-to-door service. The whole process is seamless and easy.

The shuttles are either minibuses or coasters that seat between 8 and 16 people. They are usually filled with one or two groups traveling to the same destination—for this reason, they are a great option for small, 1–3 person groups. The shuttles are in good condition and driven by professional Panamanian drivers.

In some cases, there are multiple departure times within a single day. Routes typically include at least one stop where passengers can go to the bathroom or get a snack. Most shuttles pick passengers up at their hotel in the starting destination and drop them off at their hotel in the final destination. However, if a hotel is outside the main zone of a town, the shuttle may not provide door-to-door service. If this happens, a taxi can take you to or from the pickup/drop off location.

Shuttles provide a convenient and economic option for traveling in Panama. Larger groups may want to consider booking a private transport—it can sometimes offer a cheaper price per person and usually has more flexible departure times.