Cuba Airports

Since Cuba is a nation still grappling with its communist history, getting from 'point A' to 'point B' isn't always as simple as it is in the average tourist destination. Though a trip to Cuba is well worth the effort, it does take a little more planning — which is why you'll find your Anywhere Travel Consultant to be a big help! The other thing that will make your trip planning easier? This list of Cuba's airport destinations.

Cuba Airport - Varadero Cuba
Cuba Airport - Varadero

Havana Region

Most hotel and tour packages will organize airport transfers to and from Varadero to Juan Gualberto Gomez Airport. You can also take a taxi for around $30 USD or rent a car to travel in Cuba more independently.

Cuba Airport - Holguin Cuba
Cuba Airport - Holguin

Eastern Cuba

As Holguin is not most travelers' final destination in Southern Cuba, most hotels organize shuttle buses from Holguin Airport to Guardalavaca and other beach destinations. The journey is around 45 miles and takes approximately 1-hour by car. Taxis will charge between $35-$40 USD.