Cuba Islands

Cuba’s islands have some of the country’s most impressive and secluded beaches, as well as some of the most luxurious accommodations. These islands serve as a home base for exploring Cuba’s offshore reefs, including the rare black coral that’s found just off the coast of Cayo Levisa. Cayo Coco is one of Cuba’s most popular islands, and for good reason — the beach has soft white sand and borders a stunning section of the Atlantic Ocean.

Cuba Islands - Cayo Levisa Cuba
Cuba Islands - Cayo Levisa

Western Cuba

Add a white-sand beach, a healthy black coral reef, and the vibrant green of mangroves and palm trees, and you have a picture-perfect beach vacation just a few hours from the capital city.

Day trips are the most popular way to visit Cayo Levisa, but take the time to stay and you'll feel like you have the whole island to yourself once the crowds disperse. Grab a mojito and watch as the sun dips into the calm waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Cuba Islands - Cayo Coco & Cayo Guillermo Cuba
Cuba Islands - Cayo Coco & Cayo Guillermo

Central Cuba

Cayo Coco is the largest of the two islands – 140 square miles to Cayo Guillermo's 7 – but both offer a choice of luxury, boutique, and all-inclusive resorts with all the trimmings. Beachside accommodations, restaurants, and all kinds of ocean-based activities make up the islands' only infrastructure and offer all you could need to enjoy the island life.

If you are seeking unlimited sun, sand, and sea while in Cuba, then Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo will NOT disappoint.