Cuba Nature Travel

Cuba Nature Travel


Cuba nature tours are surprisingly beautiful, because of the island nation's slow industrial development, large swaths of the country remain relatively untouched. Off the coast, you'll have the chance to experience thriving reefs and crystal-clear waters. Locations like Pinares de Mayarí are outright ecotour destinations where you can explore outdoor trails on foot or horseback. Spots such as these may be early leaders in future Cuban nature reserve efforts.

You can hike amidst Cuba’s tallest mountains in the Sierra Maestra or marvel at rocky formations known as mogotes in Viñales. What’s more, many of Cuba’s animal species are unique to the island, including rare birds and butterflies — one of the many treats of exploring islands. Cuba nature vacations are worth the time and effort, and most importantly, they afford you the opportunity to do what you can't during your 9 to 5: take a walk in the fresh air at your leisure.

#1:  Cuba Nature - Alejandro de Humboldt National Park (Baracoa)

Cuba's Alejandro de Humboldt National Park boasts many accolades for its natural wonders. It achieved UNESCO World Heritage status in 2001, Cuba's longest river runs through it, and it is also one of the rainiest places in the country. Most important of all, it is one of the most biodiverse places in all of the Caribbean.

Named after German adventurer and naturalist, Alexander von Humboldt, the National Park lies just north of the remote town of Baracoa and covers almost 70,000 hectares (approximately172,974 acres). Pristine pine forests in the hills make way for tropical mangroves as you approach the lagoons and bays, all home to unique species of birds, reptiles, and mammals found nowhere else in Cuba.

A trek through the humid forests of Alejandro de Humboldt National Park in search of native species of flora and fauna will usually end with a refreshing swim in the North Atlantic Ocean.