Miramar Neighborhood Hotels

Hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals homes - your guide to accommodations while traveling in Miramar Neighborhood.
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Casa Olivia is an independent property with five air-conditioned rooms. This casa puts you a short distance from Quinta Avenida (Fifth Avenue), which is one of the loveliest streets in Miramar.
Mrs. Marlene offers you a quiet and pleasant place in the Playa municipality where you can enjoy your stay. Your hostess will give you the keys to the house, and there is a parking space.
This independent apartment is on a quiet corner of a neighborhood in Miramar. While you stay here you’ll have access to some lovely restaurants, cafés, and nightclubs.
Apartment José Mario is an independent apartment with a private entrance. If you stay here you’ll have an air-conditioned bedroom near Miramar’s famously lovely Quinta Avenida (Fifth Avenue).
Doña Celia Apartment is a two-bedroom apartment not too far from the impressive architecture of the Quinta Avenida (Fifth Avenue). This is a private apartment where you can easily get out and explore some of Havana’s colorful culture.