Is Cuba Family Friendly?

Cuba has lots of destinations your family will remember for years to come. Like most cities, Cuban cities have late-night elements to avoid while traveling with your family. Mafia-run nightclubs filled with cigar smoke may not conjure up your idea of a family-friendly destination, but Cuba has a lot more to it than what you’ve seen in movies. Family members of every age can appreciate Cuba’s flawless beaches and the live music scene.

If your older children have taken any Spanish in school, they should feel free to speak to friendly locals for practice. Take them to educational sites like the Moncada Barracks and El Morro Historical Park, both important spots in Cuba’s history. You can even visit the infamous Bay of Pigs, which has a museum as well as opportunities for snorkeling and scuba diving just off shore.

Take guided hikes in national parks to see caves, mountains, wetlands, and mangrove forests. If you want to survey wildlife at a slower pace, check out the Soroa Orchid Garden or the Soledad Botanical Garden. Your family can also go on short hikes on trails through Topes de Callantes National Park for the chance to do some quality bird watching.

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