What Are the Top Activities in Cuba?

Cuba’s white sand beaches are perfect for swimming, boating, and snorkeling. The beaches at Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo have reputations as some of the most beautiful. State-owned resorts occupy the most gorgeous stretches of coast. Inland, the lush valleys make for scenic hiking, bird watching, and even rock climbing. Viñales National Park and Pico Turquino National Park have some of the most interesting hikes in the country. For snorkeling check out the beaches of María La Gorda.

Urban Cuba offers a very different type of adventure. Cuba’s cloistered history has kept Havana and Santiago de Cuba largely unchanged for many years, and this lends an authentic feeling to the colorful and culturally significant cities, birthplaces of some of the most influential Latin music and dance. Many famous musicians and poets have come from Havana and Santiago, and after exploring their streets – seemingly trapped in history – and meeting their friendly people, you may understand why.

Havana is famous for its nightclubs and dance halls. No matter what city you end up in, you’re going to hear fabulous live music, maybe in a smoky venue or during an impromptu performance on the street.

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