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In 2017, Cuba was the ninth most popular country to visit for Airbnb users from the United States. Airbnb started operating in Cuba in 2016, shortly after President Obama opened up diplomatic channels with Cuba. Local officials often impose fees on top of the government’s tax. Nevertheless, before travel restrictions tightened in 2017, Cuba was one of Airbnb’s fastest growing countries.

Staying in a private home in Cuba allows you to get a good look at Cuban home life. Cuban homes have an aesthetic you don’t see anywhere else in the world—many of them have old-world furnishings and an antique flair. While they often come with beautiful old architecture, sometimes furnishings can be rather worn. But Cubans always make the most of what they have, and Airbnb still has plenty of lovely offerings. You’ll find that lots of Airbnbs come with live-in hosts. Hanging around with locals comes with great advantages—get some advice about where to go, and don’t be shy about practicing your Spanish. You can find Airbnbs all over the island.

Even before Airbnb came on the scene, Cuba had accommodations in private homes called casas particulares. Booking these types of accommodations are a great way to put money in the pockets of Cuban citizens. (Nowadays, many casas particulares also post on Airbnb.) Investing in the local economy is a big part of sustainable travel, which Anywhere strongly supports.

Once you’ve made your Airbnb bookings, your travel expert will happily incorporate them into your itinerary. No matter where you choose to stay, Anywhere can arrange transportation as well as tours of Cuba’s historic attractions and natural wonders. Most importantly, you can take advantage of Anywhere’s local travel experts to help you plan your trip.

Most Cubans have difficulty getting online regularly, so communication with hosts before you arrive isn’t always as regular as you might want. If any problems do arise, Anywhere travel guides can help your itinerary run smoothly.

Accomodation options out in the countryside are a bit more rugged, like this one, but the views of the Valley of Viñales are unbeatable


You can rent spots that are only steps from popular beaches as well, like Villa Camarioca in Varadero.


Or stay in the modern House 40 in Havana’s Miramar neighborhood. It doesn't matter where you rent, we can handle all the logisitcs!


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