Balinese Dance Lesson

Balinese Dance Lesson

This tour gives you an insight into Balinese dance, one of the most fascinating and colorful aspects of the culture. These uniquely beautiful dances are performed most evenings for tourists but you’ll get the inside scoop with 2 hours of one-on-one instruction from a professional Balinese dancer.

2 hrs
Available Days:
Every day
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Offered in English

We can't promise you'll emerge an expert, but this tour will give you a shortcut to learning the body alignment and rhythm required to perform a basic Balinese Hindu dance. It's an art that takes many years to master. Balinese children are trained from childhood to learn the steps to intricate dances such as the Barong, the Kecak, the Cendong and the Legong.

Dance and music have thrived in Bali for centuries. As young men and women, they form traveling dance and music troupes and vie for local and island-wide celebrity. Balinese dances are highly-choreographed and tradition-bound, not unlike classical Russian ballet. A dancer usually performs and practices for many years before her repertoire is mature and complete. Upon marriage, she retires.

On this tour, you will join an expert teacher for 1-2 hours of basic Balinese dance instruction. She will gently and patiently teach you a set of basic dance steps which you can combine to create a short routine. You’ll be giggling as you try the integrated body movements and attempt to master the hand and facial gestures which make Balinese dance so unusual! Our teacher will also explain the meanings behind the individual postures and gestures.

This tour is a wonderful way to expand your knowledge of Balinese Hindu culture while also enjoying a bit of exercise and getting an insight into the years of preparation and costuming involved in this beautiful tradition.


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