Ubud Tours and Activities

Ubud tours and activities listing, a guide of excursions available while traveling in Ubud
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Get wet and wild with the pioneers of Bali’s adventure industry, and enjoy a thrilling and scenic journey along the enigmatic Ayung River in Ubud. Featuring Bali’s longest white water rafting trip and exclusively providing the only premium experience available on the island from start to finish; including the best facilities, equipment, safety, food and service.
Bali’s Longest Raft Tour - 12kms
Tour Duration approx. 3 - 4 hours
This tour will be popular with fans of ecotourism, and it’s also a perfect afternoon activity for families with young travelers. The Bali Bird and Reptile Park is a treasure trove of gorgeous tropical birds and wizened old reptiles with incredible stories to tell. Experienced English-speaking staff host your tour over the 2100 square feet (200 sq m) of lush greenery. You’ll come away with great photographs and a wealth of knowledge on the Indonesian animal kingdom.
Discover the beauty of Bali, Indonesia on both a natural and artistic level when you go on this fun and engaging tour. Explore traditional painting methods and wood carving. Then visit a turtle conservation center; the island and her animals are such an inspiration that they must be preserved. Learn about traditional artistry in Ubud and take more than a memory back with you — purchase an original piece from a studio or workshop!
This tour combines some of the top attractions just outside of Ubud, in the verdant hills of central Bali. If you’re hoping for some Instagram-worthy spots during your trip, this tour should find its way onto your itinerary.
On this tour, you’ll visit the ancient elephant temple called Goa Gajah, which is one of Bali’s oldest sacred spaces. Your guide will talk you through the complexities of Balinese culture. This ancient temple is surrounded with beautiful rice fields and small streams that lead to the Petanu River – another natural site intertwined with local legends. Enjoy a stroll through the temple and the neighboring rice fields and jungle. After this you will visit a Balinese compound and will be introduced a well-known priest to take a part in an astrology session and purification ceremony.
This hands-on tour introduces you to one of Bali’s oldest forms of craftsmanship: woodworking. You’ll see intricate carvings on Bali’s historic palaces and temples, and this tour will give you some idea of the labor and talent that goes into creating them.
If you’ve never been to Bali, then there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of gamelan. This refers to ensemble of bronze percussion instruments, including gongs and cymbals. On this tour, you’ll listen to a demonstration by master musicians and try your hand at making music as well!
Combine two of the world’s most amazing things into one incredible tour. Paradise meets chocolate in Bali, Indonesia. Step right up to the Pod Chocolate Factory! Located on the grounds of the Bali Elephant Camp, here, chocolate goes from unusual and humble fruit to the decadent treat we’ve all come to know and love. Discover every step of how one of the world’s most versatile ingredients is created. There will, OF COURSE, be samples!
Nourish your body and your mind as you immerse yourself in ancient Veda practices. Panca Mahabhuta translates as ‘five elements,’ and puts you in touch with traditional Balinese healing methods. Enjoy unparalleled access to skilled practitioners, revered, but often unknown in the Western world. The ‘Water Healing Ritual’ offers you the opportunity to enjoy a moment of safety, serenity, and freedom as you float and glide through warm water. An expert healing therapist will guide and move your body gracefully, effortlessly, and with a calm assurance. Discover what some of the world’s top performers already know — an investment in your well-being is an investment in your success.
This tour takes you to two different healing centers in Ubud. There’s a yoga class followed by a trip to a sound-bath in a truly tranquil environment — the Pyramids of Chi. Take this tour for the opportunity to meditate and absorb some of the healing energies of Bali’s wellness culture.
The island of Bali, Indonesia is extraordinarily beautiful, and you'll be able to see it from a breathtaking vantage point when you go on this helicopter tour. Get a view that's usually reserved for drones and documentaries. Have you ever stared into sparkling waters or seen a volcano from above? After going on this tour, the answer will be a resounding: Yes. Yes I have.
Get a one of a kind TK (tchotchke) from your vacation in Bali, Indonesia. This exciting tour will teach you all about the artisinal skill that goes into creating Ubud's local textiles. Not only will you come away with a useful (and extremely) beautiful memento, you'll also be supporting the local economy and female entrepeneurs. Way to practice sustainable travel!
Come to the John Hardy factory to see ancient Balinese jewelry come to life for a modern audience. The designs are based on the ancient designs and techniques of jewelers who worked for the royal Balinese courts. You’ll see the artisans at work in an open-air workshop and observe a collection of vintage as well as current designs.
This tour is the gift that keeps on giving. Make a delicious memory of your trip to Bali, and enjoy a souvenir that you can share with family and friends for years to come. The Secrets of Balinese Organic Cooking is an opportunity to get to know a local family on a personal level, and lean how to cook healthy and authentic Balinese meals in the process. Whether you're an avid home chef or a novice in the kitchen or a culinary newbie, the meals you're going to prepare use traditional, i.e. simple, tools and methods.
Acquire a new skill, make a lasting memory that you can recreate at home for years to come, and enjoy a wonderful meal — all in the space of a single tour. The Secrets of Balinese Organic Cooking takes you through the markets of Ubud where you'll shop for fresh produce, just like the locals. Next a local family will teach you how to turn these treasures of the Earth into flavorful Balinese cuisine. Chef's of every skill level are welcome; the most important thing is that you be a true gourmand.
Take this tour to get to get a sense of Balinese village life and local handicrafts. You’ll also stop by some of the highlights of Ubud, including the market and the monkey forest.
Visit the Chedi Club to hover over the scenic rice paddies, in a hot air balloon that’s safely tethered to the ground. From a height of around 164 feet (50 m) above the rice paddies, you’ll also be able to see tangles of jungle and the slopes of nearby mountains, including the legendary Mount Agung.
Escape the everyday in Bali, Indonesia and live your best life in a big way. Experience both luxury and simplicity with one amazing tour. A Day in The Life of a Balinese Farmer provides you with guided walks, picnic breakfasts and lunches, interaction with local farmers, and spa treatments — all in the span of a single adventure. Because you'll be enjoying the expertise of the Four Seasons, you can rest assured that every element of your tour will be exceptional.
This exciting tour is part culture and part archaeology. Explore the history of Bali, Indonesia's Hindu roots when you visit several destinations and meet interesting people associated with the field. Your expedition will take you to the Gedung Arca Museum, Pura Gumang Temple, Pegulingan Temple, and the home of a Balinese priest.
Take a 3-hour guided walk to learn more about the medicinal use of herbs in Balinese culture, followed by a lesson on how to make some of these concoctions yourself. Your guide will show you which herbs go into the local’s authentic beauty treatments and health-giving drinks.
Take a bird-watching tour of the countryside right outside of Ubud. You will be charmed by enthusiasm and knowledge of your guide Sumadi who is experienced Balinese ornithologist. Even if you’re not an experienced birder, there’s plenty to appreciate about this environment — you’ll pass by the rice fields and scenic temples that make rural Bali so memorable. You will learn a little bit about herbs and plants as well.
Bali’s midlands are rich with natural beauty and fascinating ancient relics. You’ll get to visit the ancient capital of Mengwi, as well as the famous water temple of Pura Taman Ayun.
Take this trek to see some of the most stunning views in northern Bali. It also includes a stop at an ancient archeological site, where you’ll get to feel connected to a bit of Indonesia’s history, surrounded by the intense greenery that makes this rural area such a memorable place to visit.
This tour involves a Jalan Jalan — a walk — around the attractive Green School campus. The Green School campus is known for its beautiful architecture and progressive approach to educations. Your tour guide will be a staff member, a student, or a student parent. They’re happy to answer your questions about how the eco-friendly campus works.
Take a trekking tour through small, hidden paths through the rice paddies and coconut plantations. You’ll stop by the home of a local, where your host will serve you some fresh coconut and Balinese cakes.
You don't have to go on an adrenaline-heavy tour to have an amazing time in Bali, Indonesia. Relax, enjoy mild exercise, and get closer to nature all at the same time on this leisurely walking tour. Your guide will take you to the place "where two rivers meet" and through beautiful rice terraces. Along the way, you'll enjoy the fresh island air, as well as local flora and fauna. Stretch those legs and explore Bali, Indonesia on foot!
Visit the Ubud Palace to see a traditional legong dance at Ubud Palace – a lively introduction to Indonesian art and history. This historical palace is in the Ubud city center, making it easy to include in most Bali itineraries. It was built in the early 19th century and served as the royal residence for many years, and retains much of the grandeur of its heyday.
This all-day tour takes you to some of the country’s most popular museums. You’ll learn a lot about the history of the country as well as taken in by breathtaking, colorful works of art, as well as archeological artifacts.
Venture into the rice fields outside of Ubud to find this spa and a rejuvenating massage. You’ll have a 60-minute massage followed by a 30-minute soak in a flower bath. Each treatment takes place in an open-air treatment room, complete with its own shower and bath so you can take a refreshing rinse after your massage.
This tour takes you to some of the most breathtaking views in Bali. Sign up to ensure you get some of the best views in Indonesia as backdrops for your vacation photos. The tour begins at 8:30 AM, which gives you plenty of time to fit all the sights in. Make sure to have eaten breakfast before you set out and be ready for a full morning and afternoon.
Ayung River is the longest river in Indonesia, and one of its most adventurous. Take this tour to shoot through the dense greenery of the countryside at a rapid speed, on a tour that's designed for families, with enough room for two adults and two children under the age of 12. This is the lengthiest rafting tour in Indonesia, measuring 7.5 miles (12 km). You’ll appreciate surroundings with a side of adrenaline, accompanied by an experienced and knowledgeable guides.
Looking for a romantic dinner? Head to the lush grounds of a luxury resort with a dining patio that’s on a choice section of riverfront property.
No matter what your familiarity with Balinese art, this tour is a fun way to create your own interpretation of Balinese painting with a local artist as your guide. This 2-hour experience ensures that you have a personalized souvenir to bring home.
At Balinese museums, you’ll see ancient examples of silver relief used to decorate temples, as well as sacred tools used in temple offerings. This 3-hour workshop introduces you to some of the intense techniques that make it possible to bend and pound silver into an intricate pattern. Come with a few ideas, as you’ll be making your own design.
Indonesia has a long and rich tradition of producing some of the world’s most beautiful and beloved fabrics. This incredible tour takes you on a walk through a very special garden –– one that grows plants which will then be turned into natural dyes for batik fabrics. Learn all about traditional Indonesian textile processes on a tour that’s one part culture and one part craft.
This tour gives you an insight into Balinese dance, one of the most fascinating and colorful aspects of the culture. These uniquely beautiful dances are performed most evenings for tourists but you’ll get the inside scoop with 2 hours of one-on-one instruction from a professional Balinese dancer.