I Haven't Tried Some of These Activities. Is That A Problem?

Anywhere connects you with reputable tour providers who use reliable, up-to-date equipment. With a small amount of preparation and common sense, you will be able to safely enjoy most adventure sports. If you’re not sure if an activity is suitable for your activity level, feel free to check with one of our travel planners and put yourself at ease.

It’s always great to try new things and push yourself while on holiday, but when it comes to adventure sports, it’s best to exercise caution. Always check with the tour company or provider to see if there are certifications needed (such as for diving), as well as fitness, age, or experience requirements. Be aware of weather and environmental conditions while adventuring outdoors. If you’re surfing, realize that most breaks in Bali do not have lifeguards, so stay within your limits.

Be sure to have travel insurance and/or medical insurance that will provide coverage in case of an accident. Check your policy before you participate to verify coverage. The adventure you don’t want to experience is an expensive hospital visit in a foreign country.

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