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Coverage is available to residents of 150+ countries worldwide

Covers 100+ activities - be it leisurely sightseeing, risky adventure or extreme sports

You can buy or extend policies online while you are on the road

Make a difference - give something back to help a local community

All queries and claims can be made 24/7 online or over the phone

Coverage is also available for your electronic devices like cameras, phones, e-book readers, laptops, notebooks and tablets

Receive advice from safety experts and stay safe while you travel

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It is a good idea to buy travel insurance whenever and wherever you travel. However, there are certain situations when you should definitely have travel insurance coverage in order to recoup your expenses in case of the unexpected:

When you plan to take part in risky activities such as bungee jumping, trekking, climbing, scuba diving, skydiving and so on.

If you are in a body of water such as a lake, river or sea for cruises, sailing trips, boating, kayaking, or white-water rafting.

If you are on a pre-scheduled or multiday package tour.

Whenever you visit a foreign country, especially if you plan to visit lots of different places.

Most important of all, you want to be insured for the peace of mind that a travel insurance provides. You don’t want to worry about whether something might go wrong when you are traveling and trying to have a good time. We have examples of a customer who recovered +80,000 USD in travel insurance. This would have been a profound financial burden to carry personally, if he had not had a travel insurance.

Travel Group

When the unexpected happens

Travelling is fun. Surprises and the unexpected is often fun as well. But some surprises can ruin even a well-planned trip, which is why travel insurance is a wise choice. Let us help you deal with the unexpected during your travel.
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