How Much Are Meals, Drinks, Taxis and Other Daily Expenses?

Indonesia’s cost of living is fairly low, with prices to match. Travelers from Western countries will find it cheap, while others will still find it affordable. That said, there is a great range of prices for all things, depending on how much money you would like to spend, and how luxurious or simple your travel tastes are.

A typical breakfast will at a local restaurant costs about $1.50-2 USD. Lunches and dinners cost approximately $2-4 USD. Meals at restaurants aimed toward tourists might cost $5-10 USD, and there are high-end options for those wishing to spend more.

A good coffee (such as a cappuccino) is about $2 USD. A cold beer (probably a Bintang) in a local restaurant will cost you $1-2. Better bars can charge double that amount, which is the about the same cost as an imported beer. A bottle of water costs a bit less than $1.

Taxis prices can vary depending on your location and destination. Most taxi ride prices can be bargained down. $5-15 USD is a good baseline.

Small souvenirs go for $5-10 USD, larger ones for $10-20. Some art and jewelry can be very expensive.

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