How Are Gay and Lesbian Travelers Received in Bali?

Bali is considered one of the top ten LGBT destinations in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions. It has a robust LGBT scene with a number of bars and clubs catering to a rainbow of travelers. Bali is a Hindu island, and homosexuality is accepted, but not openly flaunted. This is unlike the rest of Indonesia, which is predominantly Muslim and where homosexuality is not accepted. Anti-LGBT sentiment is rising among Islamic hardliners in the national government.

Southern Bali and Ubud are good places for LGBT travelers to base themselves from. Seminyak has a strip of very gay-friendly clubs in the heart of town, and a popular beach area north of Petitenget. While the Balinese are accepting, they are very modest. Public displays of affection among people of any sexual preference is generally frowned upon.

There has been a recent push to ban homosexuality and “deviant behavior” nationally among conservative Muslims in the Indonesian government, but at this time there has been no passed legislation. That said, it is unlikely that LGBT persons will encounter any trouble when on holiday in Bali. How Are Gay and Lesbian Travelers Received in Bali?

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