Chinatown Street Market

Packed on either side of the bustling Maha Bandula Street are countless food stalls and vendors, selling everything from soccer ball size mangos to barbecued crickets. And for the traveler looking for a meal, they are greeted with a cornucopia of options.

Although menus are available, it's best to just pick from the wide selection of food displayed in the open air. You can choose from six-inch long crayfish, hard boiled quail eggs, chicken satay, pork ribs, tilapia fish, octopus, and roasted broccoli. Once selected, the basket of items goes to the roast master, who places them over a glowing red charcoal fire. Cumin, garlic, spicy peppers, ginger, and cilantro soon enhance the fresh flavors.

It's not just the food that makes the markets so intriguing, but also the great mix of people to watch. Perched on tiny, shin-high plastic chairs that surround low tables, one can look around and blend in with the scene. As you look around, you’ll see tables filled with families with young children, couples on dates, and fellow tourists enjoying the outdoor atmosphere.

Ayeyarwady Delta, Myanmar,
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