Places to visit in Myanmar

Places to visit in Myanmar


Myanmar hasn’t seen much change over the past century. For better or worse, this means that many of its destinations have an untouched quality — there are ancient ruins where you’re free to wander by foot as by bike, and slowly growing urban centers where you can be part of a mob of worshippers at a popular temple. Lakes and river banks feel totally untouched by time, and invite you to see how the Burnese people have preserved their crafting traditions as kingdoms rise and fall.

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Where Are the Nicest Beaches in Myanmar?

Ngapali Beach is Myanmar’s most beautiful beach, and it sits on the Bay of Bengal. It has white sand and clear water that rivals the popular beaches in Thailand. It’s not very developed, and local fishermen still take to the water in traditional long boats.

Where is the Best Fishing in Myanmar?

Inle Lake’s fishermen fish for carp, although this is mostly done because for travelers' entertainment. Leave from Ngapali Beach to fish in the Bay of Bengal — fishermen here can expect to find bass and snapper.