Htuk Kan Thein Temple

When gazing down towards Htuk Kant Thein Temple from Shitthaung Temple, one can't help notice the fortress-like construction of this holy site. Built in 1571, a curved flat roof covers the top mounts large, bell-shaped pagodas. Small openings are scattered in a uniform pattern across the thick walls.

Htuk Kan Thein Temple
Rakhine Coast
Rakhine Coast, Myanmar,

The large square base has giant stairs that lead to the temple above. Immediately upon entering the temple, one begins walking in a spiral passageway that will lead to the meditation room in the center. The walls of the corridor are lined with small arched channels that display sitting Buddhas and also allow light from the outside to shine on the temple's interior.

In front of the sitting Buddhas are relief sculptures representing women's fashion. Each sculpture is a visual depiction of one of the sixty-four traditional hairstyles from the 16th century. The winding corridor ends with a staircase up to a large meditation room that is covered by a hemispherical dome.