Bocas del Drago

Bocas del Drago is a picture-perfect beach that lies on the northwestern side of Isla Colón. Situated along Panama’s Caribbean coast in the Bocas del Toro archipelago, this beach is an ideal place to relax for a day.

0 - Bocas del Drago, Panama
1 - Bocas del Drago, Panama
2 - Bocas del Drago, Panama
3 - Bocas del Drago, Panama
4 - Bocas del Drago, Panama
5 - Bocas del Drago, Panama
6 - Bocas del Drago, Panama
7 - Bocas del Drago, Panama
8 - Bocas del Drago, Panama

Set on a distant part of Isla Colón, Bocas del Drago is far enough from Bocas town to dissuade large groups of tourists from making the trip. This means that visitors who come out here will likely have whole stretches of this palm-lined beach all to themselves. And indeed, the beach here is fantastic – clean, secluded and beautiful, Bocas del Drago is perfect for lounging, reading, sunbathing or swimming. The waves tend to be calm and the water is warm. Although the water can be a bit murky during periods of heavy rains, there are coral gardens close to the shore that can make for some decent snorkeling.

A small Panamanian restaurant sits at the entrance to the beach, as do several local artisan stands. Also nearby is the Institute for Tropical Ecology and Conservation, a nonprofit organization that provides facilities for researchers, courses in ecology, and conservation programs.

Bocas town is 14 km away. Winding through cattle ranches and local farms, the trip across the island is pleasant, and provides visitors with a practical excuse to see more of Isla Colón. Those who come by cab would be wise to prearrange a pickup time. Also note that Bocas del Drago can be arrived at by boat; a stop here is not uncommon in many of the boating tours offered in Bocas town.