Los Pozos de Caldera

Los Pozos de Caldera is a series of hot springs set near the town of Caldera. They’re located within a quiet section of forest near the banks of the Río Chiriquí.

0 - Los Pozos de Caldera, Panama
1 - Los Pozos de Caldera, Panama
2 - Los Pozos de Caldera, Panama

The four pools vary in temperature—the first one is the hottest, around 108 °F (42 °C). The pools are lined by large rocks and set near trees. One is very close to the river.

The springs are small and shallow. The largest fits around five people and the water is usually waist deep. The small size can be nice if you have the place to yourself, but may be frustrating if there are people waiting to soak. If you get too hot from the water or the weather, you can walk down the hill to the river and cool off.

There is also a small tributary nearby that leads to a series of waterfalls. The hike to the falls is picturesque. As always, don’t hike alone in the forest—bring friends or go with a guide.

These hot springs are rustic. There are no changing rooms or places to buy snacks or drinks. Bring water and any food that you might want.