Teribe River

Río Teribe is one of the chief attractions in Panama’s Bocas del Toro province. It is 68 miles (110 km) long, and stems from Panama's Caribbean coast. Eventually it reaches La Amistad National Park.

0 - Teribe River, Panama
1 - Teribe River, Panama
2 - Teribe River, Panama

One of Panama’s indigenous groups, the Naso, lives on the banks of the Teribe River. The Naso still have a monarchy, and they speak their own language in addition to Spanish. Their once-powerful civilization was nearly destroyed by smallpox in the 20th century, and now faces a threat to their habitat because of dam construction that could change the river forever.

The rural town of Sieyik serves as the capital of the Naso, situated on the banks of the Río Teribe. Accompanied by a tour guide, you’re welcome to visit the Naso and admire their handicrafts. Your guide may also share with you some Naso folktales, which have been passed down over hundreds of years. Many of the Naso still live in traditional homes, constructed out of palm trees.

There is a dense forest on either side of the river. While you’re hiking through Naso territory, you’ll want to have your binoculars at the ready – you may get to spot a variety of rare birds, including white-fronted nunbirds, blue-headed parrots, king vultures, long-tailed tyrants, and Amazon king fishers.