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Santa Fe National Park

Santa Fe National Park is located in Panama’s Veraguas mountain range. It encompasses the northern stretch of the Santa María River. Hiking on trails through this untrammeled rainforest will offer an interesting chance to identity plant and birdlife.

This park is known for its incredible diversity of bird species. These include tanagers, antbirds, pygmy owls, crested owls, hummingbirds, hawks, finches, and oropendola, parrots, macaws, doves, and many more tropical species. You should also keep an eye out for monkeys, salamanders, and frogs. Although very rarely seen, Santa Fe National Park also provides a habitat for a few jaguars. You can plan hikes to some of the area’s most interesting landmarks. Waterfalls punctuate the trails through this park, and Bermejo Falls is one of the most well known. You can get there at the end of a muddy trail, and go swimming in its large plunge pool. In some parts of the park you can also see abstract etchings called petroglyphs. These carvings are believed to have been left behind by the Carib people.