Wizard Beach

Wizard Beach is a scenic and secluded beach along the northwestern coast of Bastimentos Island. It’s a good place sunbathe or surf.

0 - Wizard Beach, Panama
1 - Wizard Beach, Panama
2 - Wizard Beach, Panama
3 - Wizard Beach, Panama

Also known as Playa Primera (First Beach), Wizard Beach is wide and attractive. The dense forest here stretches all the way to the coastline. When the afternoon sun heats up, you can find shade beneath the long branches of trees. This beach is typically not crowded—it’s common to have much of it to yourself.

The water here is warm but can get turbulent and have strong currents. Be careful when swimming. Perhaps for the same reason, Wizard Beach has great surfing. The waves are big and break both right and left along the beach.

The easiest way to get to Wizard Beach is by water taxi or as part of a boat tour. There is also a path that leads through the forest to Old Bank. When the weather is dry, this takes about 30 minutes. After the rain it will take at least twice that long to trek through the mud.

Playa Segunda (Second Beach) and Red Frog Beach are east of Wizard Beach. You can technically walk to these beaches, but the trails are poorly marked and often muddy.