Aguja Island

Aguja Island has some of the best-developed traveler services of anywhere in San Blas. It also has a spacious white sand beach, one of the longest in the San Blas archipelago. It’s not far from here to the mainland, making it an easy island to start your exploration of the San Blas islands, especially close to the port of Cartí. Travelers might come here on a day trip from Panama City.

0 - Aguja Island, Panama
1 - Aguja Island, Panama
2 - Aguja Island, Panama
3 - Aguja Island, Panama
4 - Aguja Island, Panama
5 - Aguja Island, Panama

Area Guide

While you’re here, you’ll want to spend lots of time swimming and taking in the gorgeous scenery. Hop in a sailboat and make your way to the other islands – the farther out they are, the more pristine you’ll find the landscape. Visit places like Coco Blanco Island to see snorkeling attractions like the shipwreck just off the coast of the island. Islands closer to the mainland have larger populations of Guna, and they’re happy to introduce visitors to their traditional handicrafts.

Travelers who want to spend the night here can expect a very basic campground. Besides the simple cabins, there’s a bar on the island where you can buy beer, wine, bottled water, and soft drinks. You’ll want to spend all day on the beach, or in a boat on your way to visit other marine attractions and Guna communities.