Exploring Panama Together Panama

Exploring Panama Together

This vacation, learn about the vibrant country of Panama as you explore its cities, forests, and even island beaches first hand. Go somewhere new –– together.

8 Day Panama Itinerary
2 Adults
$184 pp/night
$2570 total USD

Why you’ll love this adventure…

It’s something totally different. We’ve designed this Signature Trip to ensure that you experience all of the shifting landscapes found in Panama. You’ll explore cosmopolitan modern cities, Old Panama, luscious forests, inactive volcanoes, and tropical islands. See? We're more than our canal.

The most relaxing part of this trip will be…

Lounging in a beachfront bungalow on a small, private island. You and your partner can experience an isle at your own pace and sneak in plenty of romantic moments from sunrise to sunset, and especially when the stars glitter the night sky like diamonds strewn across black velvet. It's pure bliss.

What will make your friends jealous?

The fact that you’re such a savvy traveler — snorkeling, learning about indigenous culture, soaking in hot springs, hiking inactive volcanoes, shopping at colorful markets, and navigating the rainforests of Valle de Anton. Who knew Panama was more than its canal?…You did!


2nightsPanama City
2nightsYandup Island
3nightsValle de Anton


2nddayPanama Canal


2nightsVictoria Hotel and Suites
2nightsYandup Lodge
3nightsLos Mandarinos


Free Breakfast for 5 days


private driverTocumen & PTY to Panama City  
private driverTo Albrook Airport in Panama City  
flightPanama City to Playon Chico  
flightPlayon Chico to Panama City  
private driverPanama City to Valle de Anton  
private driverValle de Anton to Tocumen & PTY  


Panama City

Victoria Hotel and Suites - night 1 of 2

Tocumen & PTY to Panama City

Victoria Hotel and Suites
Victoria Hotel and Suites
3:00 pm check-in
1 room.

The Victoria Hotel and Suites is located in the heart of Panama City. This hotel has classy, modern rooms and a restaurant/bar, swimming pool, and fitness room.



Panama City

Victoria Hotel and Suites - night 2 of 2

Half Day City and Canal Tour

Half Day City and Canal Tour
Half Day City and Canal Tour

This half-day tour of Panama City and the Panama Canal provides travelers with an excellent look at some of the area’s best attractions.

Included for 2 persons in your party.
From 8:30 am - 1:30 pm start/end time
Transport included


Panama City / Yandup Island

Victoria Hotel and Suites

Yandup Lodge - night 1 of 2

Panama City to Panama City

Panama City to Playon Chico

Yandup Lodge
Yandup Lodge
2:00 pm check-in
1 room.

The Yandup Lodge is located on Yandup Island in the Guna Yala archipelago. This hotel has some of the best rooms and facilities in the entire region.



Yandup Island

Yandup Lodge - night 2 of 2


Yandup Island / Valle de Anton

Yandup Lodge

Los Mandarinos - night 1 of 3

Playon Chico to Panama City

Panama City to El Valle de Anton

Los Mandarinos
Los Mandarinos
3:00 pm check-in
1 room.

Los Mandarinos is a boutique spa and resort set in the hills above El Valle. With Tuscany-styled architecture and an intimate atmosphere, Los Mandarinos is an ideal place to unwind in the highlands of central Panama.



Valle de Anton

Los Mandarinos - night 2 of 3


Valle de Anton

Los Mandarinos - night 3 of 3


Valle de Anton

Los Mandarinos

El Valle de Anton to Tocumen & PTY

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