Yandup Island

Like all of the islands in the Guna Yala Comarca, these islands are surrounded by bright, clear water. You’ll be greeted by swaying palms and hammocks, within easy access of the coral reef that’s just off shore. Visitors here tend to fill their days with boating, swimming, and trips to nearby Guna communities.

0 - Yandup Island, Panama

Area Guide

This is one of the basic yet paradisiacal places you can stay on a visit to the Guna Yala archipelago. There are cabins for visitors on the coast, as well as on stilts, right on the water. Thatched roofs and open windows allow you to connect with your surroundings even when you’re tucked in for the night. Travelers come here looking to unplug, and there is no air conditioning or Wi-Fi anywhere on the island – although there’s also truly no need, as the weather is clement and the surroundings have all the entertainment you could ask for. As with everywhere in Guna Yala, stays here are all-inclusive, and the meals focus on the selection of fresh fish you can find in the surrounding waters.

From here, you can take a 5-minute boat ride to another island called Playon Chico, a home to a bustling community of Guna people. While you're here, you'll get to browse their colorful, embroidered molas. It's easy to arrange excursions to other nearby islands, and each has its own charm.

Feedback From Travelers

We loved Yandup Island and Playón Chico, Ganu Yala. It was not only paradise, the cultural experience to share in the lives of the local people is a memory my family will never forget. The islands with the white sand beaches and amazing snorkeling were unforgettable. We got to visit a new prestine island each morning. The food was also very fresh and good. We got to try whatever the catch of the day was; Barricuda, Octopus, Lobster, Shrimp. Eggs were served breakfast. I would love to visit again one day.