Cook Like a Local Photo
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Every day
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6 hrs
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Cook Like a Local Photo

Canggu is off-the-beaten path for visitors, making it an ideal setting for getting to know what it’s really like to cook in an Indonesian kitchen. This cooking class includes a trip to a market, allowing you a window into a true Indonesian culinary experience.

Follow the chef through the market to examine the produce on display as your instructor describes the flavors of these new ingredients. Your cooking instructors will start by talking about the flavors favored by the Balinese palette, and some of the most popular local ingredients. You’ll cook over a wood-fired stove, adding to the traditional feel of the class. At the end of the lesson, you’ll gather at a table in the pretty gardens to taste your handiwork.

What to Bring

Comfortable shoes and a camera.

What's included

Cooking class and lunch.