Bali's Wet & Wild Hidden Canyon Adventure

Bali's Wet & Wild Hidden Canyon Adventure Photo
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Bali's Wet & Wild Hidden Canyon Adventure PhotoBali's Wet & Wild Hidden Canyon Adventure Photo

Got an adventurous streak? If so, we think you might enjoy this tour. Get ready to have a wet and wild time in Bali, and no, a surfboard is not required. Bali's Hidden Canyon adventure is not an excursion for the faint of heart, but if you're a fan of caving/speluking, and mountain climbing, this you'll You're going on a wet and wild A short introduction to why the client should choose this accommodation or activity.

Whitewater rafting is pretty extreme, but do you know what tops it? Battling a river's currents sans raft. Picture it — you're in the jungles of Sukawati on the island of Bali, Indonesia. The Oos River winds through some of the greenest and most rugged scenery you've ever witnessed. You hardly want to blink because you want to be sure that the image of this remains etched in your mind. The sound of flowing water; the color and clacking of the rocks; the simultaneous feeling of working up a sweat, and the chill of the river. Have we got your attention?

Bali's Hidden Canyon is not your average ravine. Officially known as 'Beji Guwang Canyon,' the peaceful scenery is deceptive in its beauty. At times, you'll not only be navigating slick rocks, you'll need to step on underwater stones that you can't even see. Wading is one thing, but navigating waters up to your neck is another. In short — bring aquatic shoes and a swim wear! Be mindful that the Hidden Canyon is considered a sacred space, so as a conscientous traveler, it is a respectful gesture to cover yourself with at least a t-shirt and shorts.

Why would you go through all of this trouble if you're supposed to be on holiday? Because, your efforts are rewarded with nature's spectacular gifts, and an uncroweded trek. Needless to say, not everyone is up for this challenge, so you won't have to deal with dozens of other tourists hampering your experience. That means that you'll be able to relish each pool and waterfall that you'll see along the way.

Categorized as a 'moderate' activity level, be aware that its not uncommon for even the most ruggend adventurers to grow a bit tired during this excursion, this is because of the combination of trekking and swimming. So, when you book this tour: take your vitamins, build your endurance, and get a good night's sleep — several nights in a row. Your GoPro is optional, but a dry bag is will get wet and you will have an amazing time!

Balance this exciting and challenging adventure with a well-earned indulgence, as well as a hot shower and comfortable bed back at your back to your hotel.

Bali's Wet & Wild Hidden Canyon AdventureBali's Wet & Wild Hidden Canyon AdventureBali's Wet & Wild Hidden Canyon Adventure